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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:45 pm

Welcome to defiance: Please read the following rules and adhere to them

1. Verbal abuse towards other players and/or admins will not be tolerated
2. Building on mountain tops is restricted to communal use buildings
3. Building ramps and ladders are permitted in artifact caves, buildings which prevent other players from reaching the artifacts are not
4. Underwater Cave Building is not regarded as game breaking due to their resources being available in alternative locations and is therefore permitted.
5. Raiding is permitted, however you are expected to conduct a raid in a mature manner with minimal dino destruction. Wiping out a players entire dino base will be viewed as griefing and dealt with through the online admins discretion.
6. Admins decisions are final

First and foremost, we aim to promote a server which encourages both new and old players to have fun, learn the game and challenge themselves.


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